Zip Line and Monkey Land


ZipLine Visit the first of the Dominican Republic’s Zip—Line Tour. The exhilarating adventure takes you flying across the magnificent Anamuya pond. Your naturalist guides will show you the way, helping you make the most of the adventure. Your tour consists of 15 towers and 11 Zip Lines stretche across the length of the mountain range more than 1 mile. The final line at 900 meters is the longest in the Dominican Republic as well as the entire Caribbean.

Monkey Land At Monkey land, a natural habitat located deep in the Dominican Republic’s jungle, you can interact with playful squirrel monkeys. On this 5 hour guided tour aboard a safari—style truck, you'll also explore the habitat's on—site botanical garden, as well as a coffee and cacao plantation. Chat it up with local farmers, learn about their organic methods and taste tropical fruit just plucked from a tree.

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