Imagine Disco


This multi roomed, actually, multi-CAVED castle, will leave you breathless from the moment you lay your eyes on her majestic stature.
After passing through our grand entrance, and being greeted by our superb staff, you will feel like royalty as you descend down into one of three progressiver larger caves. Each as magnificent and astounding as the previous! Each cave comes complete with its own prominent Dj playing only the hottest tracks, rhythms and beats the Dominican Republic, and the world, has to offer!
You’ll dance the night away, savoring one of our signature cocktails, all the while being entertained by our fire breathing, flare bartenders. And when the time comes to return to the “real world”, you’ll wish your fairy godmother would wave her magic wand and turn the clock back to mid-night, so you could do it all over again!

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